Neighborhood Building Print
  • Neighborhood outreach
  • Fiduciary for Sector 3 and other neighborhood organizations
  • Charles House Neighbors In Action: As residents and groups attempt to improve their neighborhood, the leadership development and coordination of information and activities provided by the Charles House Neighbors in Action assures efforts have high-impact. Neighbors can come together to be heard, to work as citizens addressing pressing needs.
    • Assuring services are customer focused, targeted to the real needs
    • Provides a neutral table for residents, block captains, and other stakeholders to come together and work together
    • Works toward positive neighborhood impacts, primarily: safety, child development, home and family stability, economic vitality, and educational success.
    • Efforts of task groups expedite results in areas here-to-fore often talked of but never accomplished.


The historical roots of the settlement house movement spread through neighborhoods – providing services that strengthen individuals, families, and the community. The Charles House Community & Neighborhood Capacity Building department works across all programs, reaching out to residents, businesses, churches, schools, and other stakeholders in our community. The department sponsors neighborhood events, supports block clubs, and help connect residents and government bodies to address important issues and public policy. The largest component of our program is Project COACH (Coaching, Organizing, and Accessing Community Health). Building on assets already available and developing partnerships to bring expertise and resources to the JOSANA neighborhood (Jay Orchard Street Area), we are creating a healthier neighborhood. The three focus areas are Safe & Healthy Environment, Healthy Living, and Work-Life Opportunities.


Civic engagement and community improvement drive the Charles House Neighbors in Action (CHNA). Residents and other stakeholders are at the forefront of efforts to revitalize the neighborhood, helping the City of Rochester create a master plan for JOSANA, advocating for community-school partnerships for the upcoming modernization of School #17, developing community gardens, and improving public safety.


Charles House is partnering with Rochester’s Cornerstone Group for a proposed affordable housing development near Sahlen’s Stadium that could get underway in 2012- 13. We also partner with other organizations to provide meeting space and additional services at our buildings. The groups include Rochester Northwest Rotary Club, an after-hours telemedicine program with the University of Rochester Medical Center, home repair programs offered by Action for a Better Community and Habitat for Humanity, The Emergency Services & Family Stabilization network, Youth Services Quality Council, AmeriCorps, and a polling site for elections. We provide fiduciary and grants administration services to the Sector 3 Planning Committee and other neighborhood groups for special projects and contracts.