What makes Charles Settlement House special among other agencies of its kind? PDF Print E-mail

Charles Settlement House is Progressive. Since its founding in 1917, Charles Settlement has continuously met the needs of a community that has undergone a series of changes. As the ethnic and cultural character of the neighborhood changed, the agency worked to improve the lives of the new arrivals. As the social and economic climate of the urban environment fluctuated, Charles Settlement House has adapted its methods to address new challenges.

Charles Settlement House is Innovative. Charles Settlement House recognizes the multidimensional nature of the challenges faced by residents of the northwest.  As a neighborhood organization, Charles Settlement addresses these needs in a holistic approach and is willing to try new things, to take on the hardest problems and tackle them head on. Charles House Neighbors In Action and Family Coaching/Care Coordination are examples of Charles Settlement House’s innovative approaches.

Charles Settlement House is Successful. Every year, Charles Settlement House makes an impact on the lives of thousands of families. The agency has a reputation for delivering quality services and for equipping its clients with the tools to succeed in real life situations. To generations of alumni, the name "Charles Settlement House" invokes memories that are dear and deeply personal. They will always have a home at Charles House.

Charles Settlement House is Diverse. Originally a settlement House of immigrants, Charles Settlement House reflects the diversity of  21st Century America - in neighborhoods that are 55% Caucasian, 30% African-American and 15% Hispanic or Latino.